Yesterday, the Clippers visited the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets, and in the waning moments of the first half, Chris Paul stole a pass and proceeded to lead a fast break. He delivers a nifty behind the back pass to Paul Pierce, who attempts a two handed slam dunk to finish off the break. Unfortunately, the just-turned-39-year-old-last-month couldn’t quite complete the play, and fell to the ground to add a bit of injury to insult. Luckily a foul was whistled against Brooklyn, giving Chris Paul time to get to the fallen Pierce, and attempt to revive him, to the bemusement of the announcer as well as the Clippers bench.

The Nets (5-12) managed to carry this momentum and beat the Clippers (14-5) in two overtimes, 127-122, after Clippers coach Doc Rivers went stark raving mad after T’ed up by referee Ken Mauer.

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Strength over Sound

As the Minnesota Vikings took to the field yesterday against the Arizona Cardinal, a Fox crew member carrying a parabolic microphone unwittingly crossed the path of a charging Linval Joseph and Brian Robison jogging onto the field. Unfortunately, there is no good result of being battered by 580+ pounds worth of muscle.

The sound technician managed to keep doing his job, though.

The Minnesota Vikings went on to defeat the Cardinals 30-24, while also treating Carson Palmer a bit like the sound tech.

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Shoe fly, Don’t bother me

Yesterday, while the Toronto Raptors visited the Sacramento Kings, DeMar DeRozan was going for a shot, only to have it blocked by Rudy Gay. In addition to having his pride damaged, DeRozan also has his foot stepped on, and as he took a step back, his foot slid out of his shoe. Rudy Gay, spotting the loose shoe, decided to throw it into the third row, where an unsuspecting fan got clobbered.

That apparently appeased the basketball gods, who had the game decided on a controversial wave off of a potential game tying three pointer by the Raptor’s Terrence Ross. The Kings took the game, 102-99.

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Dominoes and dancing

Friday, the Golden State Warriors traveled to Boston to face off against the Celtics, and a few interesting things happened.

In the middle of the third quarter, Steph Curry, on fast break, crosses over Isaiah Thomas and gets to the rim for a layup. Thomas lets up to avoid fouling but his teammate Marcus Smart attempts a chasedown block. This led to Thomas giving Smart a bit of a ride.

Later on in the third quarter, Curry forces in a behind the back pass to a cutting Kevin Durant, but Jaylen Brown gets a hand in there and Durant ends up tumbling into Lauren Holtkamp, and they both end up running over a cameraman and another person sitting on the endline.

Earlier in the third quarter, fashion icon Zaza Pachulia found himself left open and makes a shot, and then proceeds to celebrate in an awkward fashion. Apparently he was attempting to recreate Kevin Durant’s celebration in Toronto earlier in the road trip, minus the shimmy and extra emphasis on the self slapping.

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Raise the roof!

On Saturday, Japan faced off against the Netherlands in baseball, and in the seventh inning, with his team trailing 2 – 8, Shohei Otani comes to the plate, having already provided a homer in the 5th inning. On this at bat, he absolutely crushes a ball, but before we could find out how long of a homer it was, it disappeared into a small gap in the roof!

It was ruled a ground rule double, and Japan would complete the comeback to win 9 – 8 in the 10th inning.

Love rebounding from the ground

I love it when a plan comes together!

Perhaps this isn’t that uncommon at all! This is now twice in a week where a player has managed to snag a rebound with their backs on the ground. On Sunday, Charlotte visited Cleveland and early in the first quarter, Hornet Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was about to grab a rebound when his teammate Marvin Williams jumped over to contest the rebound. After the collision, the ball bounced to Kevin Love on the ground who grabbed the gift and went up for a shot. The Hornets ended up losing to the Cavaliers 93 – 100.

Rebound on the ground

On Wednesday, the Boston Celtics visited the Washington Wizards and apparently left their rebounding game at home. In one instance, all five Celtics on the floor were standing near the basket, but a Wizard, Bradley Beal, who was lying on the floor, somehow grabbed the rebound.

Boston ended up getting outrebounded 31-54, and lost the game 93 – 118.