Full Service

September 25, 2017 – The Chicago Cubs were visiting the St. Louis Cardinals when Cubs shortstop Addison Russell dove into the stands for a ball. While doing so, he knocked over a fan’s plate of nachos. However, all was not lost as he came back with a replacement set of nachos.

After such a winning move, the Chicago Cubs beat the St. Louis Cardinals 10-2.


Live Sports May Be Dangerous

March 15, 2017. Netherlands were facing off against Cuba in the World Baseball Classic in Tokyo when Yurendell de Caster hit a homer for the Dutch. The big play happened when the ball landed in the stands. A fan attempted to catch the ball, but it was not to be:

Source: http://deadspin.com/dong-hits-man-in-dong-1793297098


Raise the roof!

On Saturday, Japan faced off against the Netherlands in baseball, and in the seventh inning, with his team trailing 2 – 8, Shohei Otani comes to the plate, having already provided a homer in the 5th inning. On this at bat, he absolutely crushes a ball, but before we could find out how long of a homer it was, it disappeared into a small gap in the roof!

It was ruled a ground rule double, and Japan would complete the comeback to win 9 – 8 in the 10th inning.