Yesterday, the Clippers visited the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets, and in the waning moments of the first half, Chris Paul stole a pass and proceeded to lead a fast break. He delivers a nifty behind the back pass to Paul Pierce, who attempts a two handed slam dunk to finish off the break. Unfortunately, the just-turned-39-year-old-last-month couldn’t quite complete the play, and fell to the ground to add a bit of injury to insult. Luckily a foul was whistled against Brooklyn, giving Chris Paul time to get to the fallen Pierce, and attempt to revive him, to the bemusement of the announcer as well as the Clippers bench.

The Nets (5-12) managed to carry this momentum and beat the Clippers (14-5) in two overtimes, 127-122, after Clippers coach Doc Rivers went stark raving mad after T’ed up by referee Ken Mauer.

Additional angle



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