Dominoes and dancing

Friday, the Golden State Warriors traveled to Boston to face off against the Celtics, and a few interesting things happened.

In the middle of the third quarter, Steph Curry, on fast break, crosses over Isaiah Thomas and gets to the rim for a layup. Thomas lets up to avoid fouling but his teammate Marcus Smart attempts a chasedown block. This led to Thomas giving Smart a bit of a ride.

Later on in the third quarter, Curry forces in a behind the back pass to a cutting Kevin Durant, but Jaylen Brown gets a hand in there and Durant ends up tumbling into Lauren Holtkamp, and they both end up running over a cameraman and another person sitting on the endline.

Earlier in the third quarter, fashion icon Zaza Pachulia found himself left open and makes a shot, and then proceeds to celebrate in an awkward fashion. Apparently he was attempting to recreate Kevin Durant’s celebration in Toronto earlier in the road trip, minus the shimmy and extra emphasis on the self slapping.

Additional reaction to the celebration from


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